This is why I'm following Hazel's story

Hazel Hawthorne published two novels, several short stories, poems and book reviews. Edmund Wilson has called her one of the most gifted of American women writers. And yet, we don't know much about her.

She is a footnote in the biographies of many literary giants such as John Cheever, Edmund Wilson, and John Dos Passos. She knew people, and people knew her. I want to bring her to the center of the historical narrative. 

She was called Queen of the Dunes. She spent a large part of her life on the sand dunes of Provincetown, Cape Cod. She owned two dune shacks, which she named Euphoria and Thalassa. 

She was a free soul, not afraid to challenge the conventions and moral boundaries of her time. 

Walker Evans has captured her spirit to a magnificent portrait in the early 1930s. When you look into Hazel's eyes, you know there are more stories to tell.